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Join the Fun Halloween Party (Oct. 30 - Nov. 1)

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Halloween is almost upon us, but we have to wonder what's being planned for this crazy, fun holiday in EO! Everyone should get their costumes ready for the spooky Halloween Party, and the mysterious and unexpected gifts that are there to be had!

Duration: Oct. 30th - Nov. 1st

Trick or treating is a major part of Halloween, but it seems something strange is going on in Cronus! The whole city is said to be full of scary ghosts! Check out the Spooky Parade. Maybe if you learn some Scary Tricks to play on them, you'll still be able to get some nice treats! 

And how can you have a party without any food? There will be a Barbecue Party and Halloween Feast going on in Cronus, ready to provide all the food you can eat! Do you want to try some spooky and weird food, or be the food for monsters and ghosts?

Click here to learn the details. EO wishes everyone a safe and happy Halloween!