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December Event Preview - Necromancer is Coming

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This December, we're going to awaken the night of the living dead! New Necromancer class is ready to join the roster, bringing with new Cancer server, new Eudemons, double status, new weapons, and new way of composing! For more information of Necromancer, please keep an eye on our official site. Now let's look at the hot events coming up!

Online Events:

1. 5x/8x EXP Outfit (Dec. 7th - Dec. 17th)

The EXP Boost is coming again. Get the outfit full of 5x or 8x EXP power, team up or use the Double EXP Potions to get even more EXP!

2. Necromancer Pre-Tasks (Part 2) (Dec. 7th - Dec. 25th)

Did you finish the pre-tasks (Part 1)? The new part of Necromancer pre-tasks is coming. Join in to awaken Necromancers, and get the rewards to level up your Necromancer to 90 directly on Dec. 28th!

3. Christmas Events (Dec. 23rd - Dec. 25th)

Have you prepared the Christmas gifts for your family and friends? Be sure to check out your gifts EO has prepared for you this Christmas.

4. Christmas Promotion (Dec. 24th - Jan. 8th)

Two specially designed packs will be available. One for new members, and the other one for old heroes, both with nice discount for Christmas celebration.

5. EP Drop (Dec. 26th - Dec. 31st)

All monsters will drop EPs! Go have fun hunting!

5. New Necromancer Class Online (Dec. 28th - Dec. 31st)

Necromancer is ready to hit Eudemons world on Dec. 28th. To celebrate this great occasion, we're holding EP Drop event for 4 days, and all the monsters will drop EPs!

6. Limited Flying Mount - Dragon Aidos & Dragon Laird (Dec. 28th - Jan. 27th)

The last but the coolest Dragons of this Dragon Year will be available in the Shopping Mall on Dec. 28th, only for ONE MONTH! They're Aidos & Laird, each costs 5888 EPs.

7. New Server - Cancer (Dec. 28th)

The new Cancer Server will be online following the Necromancer class on Dec. 28th. Want a fresh start?

8. New Year Events (Dec. 29th - Jan. 1st)

New Year will be celebrated at the end of month, and as always, amazing rewards are waiting for you to start a brand new journey of next year.

Offline Events:

1. Awaken the Living dead for Gifts (Dec. 10th - Dec. 31sth)

Swap your online time for lottery chances, and win stunning gifts!

2. EO Veterans, Home for Gifts (Dec. 10th - Dec. 31st)

EO Veterans, time to go home to claim your gifts!

3. Hall of Fame (Dec. 28th - Jan. 27th)

We'll seclect top 10 Necromancers, top 10 Necro Spirits, Top 5 ladies of Red Roses, and top 5 ladies of White Roses, and give away amazing rewards!

4. Change Your Facebook Timeline Cover to win PPs (Nov. 15th - Dec. 16th)

Join this event to design a new timeline cover for your Facebook page. Ten lucky players will be selected, and each will get 1,380 PPs!

5. Free Packs of 80 EPs (Long-Term)

Check out the TodenAds, and you'll win EPs simply by watching the video, or sharing with your friends. Click here for the details.