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Facebook Event: Share Your EO Covers to Win EPs!

* Source: Official * Views: * Date: Jul 10 2013 20:44:34

Hello, EO players!

The new expansion for Eudemons Online, Dawn of Romance, is moving ever closer! With that in mind, we wanted to bring out a new Facebook event to get you all ready for the love explosion! All you need to do is share these EO covers with your friends, and you'll become eligible to win some EPs! Saving up for a wedding is hard work, so it's time to make a little fortune before the big day finally arrives!

Event Duration: July 10th - 21st
Rewards: 135 EPs for 10 lucky players


  1. Choose one of these 2 pictures as your Facebook cover, then share both of them with your friends. Remember to use the picture as your Facebook cover during the event, or you may lose the chance to win!
  2. Leave your character name and server on the event thread.
  3. 10 lucky players will be chosen from the players who share the 2 pictures and use one as your Facebook cover. 135 EPs will be awarded to each winner.
  4. The reward will be delivered to your character within 3-5 working days, after the event ends.

>>>>>Go to the Facebook page, and join in now!