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Facebook Event: Share Threads to Win EPs!

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The hot summer days are coming to an end, but Eudemons never slows its step in our neverending quest for fun! After the Neverland patch was released, we've all been so excited to have the Azure Unicorn and Aurora Unicorn mounts to take on adventures. It looks really amazing to see a hero riding by on their crystal steed! Soon after that, the anniversary updates were released,.bringing us the flying mount, Rainbow Pegasus! Now, our latest expansion, Dawn of Romance, brought us even more great, new items and events! In the coming months, we are going to bring a new update to Eudemons Online! Although we are still exploring the latest expansion, we are still glad to see plans for more great updates to the game!

With all of these exciting events, we wanted to hold another new Facebook event! We will post threads on our official Facebook at certain times, on Sep. 6th - 8th, Sep. 13th - 15th and Sep. 27th - 29th. All you need to do is to check our Facebook and share the thread, being sure to leave your character name and server. 10 lucky players will be chosen from the players who share the thread, receiving 135 EPs, each.

Now, let's check out the NEW UPDATES!

1. New information for different ring functions will be released.

2. The 'Remote Booth Control' system has been upgraded. You will be able to check previous booths, instead of typing the booth number.

3. Ring visual effects have changed. Not only you can see the ring effect while you're wearing it, but other players can also see it.

4. The skill icon of 'Quadrachop' will be changed.

5. Legion pets will now show on the mini-map.

6. New updates will allow you to minimize the team's avatar.

7. New Hairstyles will be added.

8. A P-6 stone is going to be released, to improve your Eudemon's phase level.

9. System warning information will pop up when you level up your items higher than your character's level.

10. New updates will allow Baby Eudemons to be summoned in the Class PK Tournament. The Necromancer will be able to summon all necro realm pets on the Class PK map.

11. Three new Couple's Faces will be added to the game, giving nore interactive expressions.

12. A new 'Event Calendar' system will be introduced. Open the system screen to see which events are currently going on, what rewards you should have claimed from the Prize Legate, as well as previous and upcoming events.

13. Looming Eudemons revive automatically. When your looming pets hits 70 stars, it will revive automatically within 5 minutes.

14. The Necromancer skills will be updated. New updates will allow players to use the 'Tide Soul' skill to track targeted monsters. The targeted monster will appear on the mini-map.

With these new updates, various bugs will also be fixed, such as the disconnection and lag issue. It's guaranteed to be a fantastic addition to EO!

For more details about the upcoming update, stay tuned to our official site: http://eo.99.com/index, and the official Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/EudemonsOnline