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Facebook Event: Mooncake Pack Giveaway

* Source: Official * Views: * Date: Sep 18 2013 01:05:31

There has been so much fun going on in Eudemons Online, ever since the new expansion was released! So, to keep the good times rolling into the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, we will hold a 'Mooncake Pack Giveaway'! There are four kinds of mooncake packs available to pick from: Star, Flower, Moon and Love. Now, come and choose your favorite!

Duration: Sep.18th - Sep. 25th.

Rewards include: 6 Star Universal O, Jazzy Rabbit, God Tear, 135 EPs.

1. Check out the event details on the EO Facebook Page.
2. Remember to leave your character name, server and choose your favorite mooncake pack.
3. 20 lucky players will be selected, after the event ends.
4. The prizes will be awarded to your account within 5 working days, after the event ends.