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Event Preview for October - Beauty Show & Halloween Fun

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Summer has just said goodbye to us. The beauty show at the end of the summer will start on Oct. 30th! Abandoned Land quests are continued, and the fun Halloween is coming again!

Online Events:

1. The Unmissable Offer - Allure Sale Pack (Sep. 29th - Oct. 30th)

You'll get an Allure Sale Pack when you login the game. Enjoy the discounts up to 98% off!

2. Abandoned Land

The adventure on the Abandoned Land goes on in this October!

Summer Beauty Show (Sep. 30th - Oct. 15th)
Monster Awakening (Oct. 2nd - Oct. 8th)
Deity's Love (Oct. 9th - Oct. 15th)

3. Server Merge - Gemini + Cancer (Oct. 16)

Cancer will be merged into Gemini on Oct. 16. We're hold PP Drop, credit event, and more in the newly merged server!

4. Pumpkin Drop (Oct. 25th - Nov. 11th)

To celebrate Halloween, monsters will drop PUMPKIN letters. Collect the letters to swap for Candy Packs!

5. Halloween Party (Oct. 30 - Nov. 1st)

This spooky Halloween, your task is to scare some people in Cronus. The pumpkins, candies, and yummy food will also join the party!

Offline Events:

1. Magic Chessboard (Oct. 14th - Oct. 31st)

Make your move to win quintuple prizes & Azure Frost Weapon Soul.

2. Upgrade VIP Membership (Oct. 15th - Nov. 5th)

Upgrade your VIP membership, and you'll get amazing gifts!

3. Guess and Win Dragon Ozachy (Oct. 10th - Oct. 14th)

4. Light Your EO Facebook-O'-Lantern (Oct. 25th - Nov. 6th)

5. EP Claim (Reward of Credit Event in September)