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Patch 1705 Released for Server Merge

* Source: Official * Views: * Date: Oct 16 2013 00:56:29

Attention, EO players!

We are glad to inform you that Patch 1705 has been released, following the server maintenance on Oct. 16th, 2013.

Highlight of Patch 1705

  1. Cancer server has been merged into Gemini server. The newly merged server will be Gemini/Cancer.
  2. Players on the newly merged server can enjoy 2-day PP Drop, 30% extra PPs according the EPs you spent in the Shopping Mall, and GMs shop online. Click here to check out the detailed information.
  3. You cannot login on the event page while the merge work being carried on. All the event pages will be back to normal after the server merge.

For more news, we'll keep you updated!
Have fun!

Download Links:
Patch 1705: Official 1
Patch 1691-1705: Official 1