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The Very First Eudemon in Year 2014 - Feather Galina

2014-01-01 17:19

The very first new Eudemon in 2014 is coming! It's the limited flying mount, Feather Galina! Feather Galina was born for love. Each of its feather gives a sense of coldness, but it has a fiery soul. To find the one who holds true love, Galina flied to Cronus with no rest. If without the magic of love, Galina will become weak. That's why she's the perfect flying mount for lovers!

Feather Galina will not be available in the Shopping Mall. The only way to get this incredible flying mount, is joining the exciting Loot PK Contest, which is held on every Friday night, starting from Jan. 3rd. However, Galina will only follow the top 1 hero of Cronus!