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Join Loot PK Contest Every Friday, Win Limited Feather Galina

2016-04-17 20:20

Join in the Loot PK Contest, to win Feather Galina and other thrilling prizes!

Duration: 20:00-21:30 on every Friday, from January 3rd, 2014

The Demon Forest will appear on every Friday. Only the first 10 heroes can see the Demon Emperor and receive his special treasures!

Prize for the 1st hero: a Feather Galina (limited flying mount) and EXP
Prize for the 2nd hero: a Super Amber and EXP
Prize for the 3rd hero: a Moon Box and EXP
4 - 10 heroes: Three 12-Star Universal XOs and EXP
Click here to check out the prizes for other heroes who open the Demon Emperor Chest.