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Take Newbie Trial, Win Super Equipment Set

2014-01-06 19:40

A new quest for newbies are available now. The Cronus Newbie Trial are perfect for Level 1 - 90 heroes. Pass all kinds of tests, and you'll get Super Equipment Set, EXP, and some secret chests with amazing rewards! Invite your friends to join in, and enjoy fast levelling!

Duration: From Jan. 6th (Long-Term)

  1. Take trials from four goddess.
    Gaea, Spirit of Earth (CronusCity 309,420)
    Daphne, Queen of Laurel (ElvenCity 244,216)
    Sharjah, Goddess of Storm (GobiDesert 188,436)
    Nena, Queen of Shadow (DarkMarsh 443,536)
  2. Finish each trial to get rewards.
  3. Collect Goddess Brands to exchange for Chest Keys.
  4. Once the Daphne`s Star, Gaea`s Star, Sharjah`s Star and Nena`s Star are composed, you`ll get a Super Equipment Set Chest.