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Level Up Now for Coming Glory Pack

2014-06-09 04:03

Besides the anniversary celebration pack, we're going to hold one more pack giveaway event for this 8th year, the Glory Pack Giveaway! However, this time you might need to work harder to get a better pack!There are altogether five packs, but you can only get one of them!

Find Minna in Cronus to claim the pack of your level, or level up to get a pack of higher level with better items! What are you waiting for? Just start leveling up now!

Glory Pack Giveaway

Duration: June 13th - 27th

Character Level Get Free Pack Items Inside
70 - 90 Refined Glory Pack 54 PPs
6* Universal O x 3
Lunar Jewel
 Red Stone x 5
91 - 110 Unique Glory Pack 80 PPs
8-Star Universal O x 3
Divine Jewel
Smelt Symbol x 3
111 - 132 Elite Glory Pack 135 PPs
200,000,000 Gold
12* Universal XO x 3
Oracle Stone x 3
133 - 143 Super Glory Pack 165 PPs
Rainbow Fancry Ring
God Tear x 3
19* Universal XO x 3
144 - 150 Divine Glory Pack 270 PPs
Thunder Juice
God Tear x 3
30-star SaintXO x 3