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Patch 1737 Released for Glory Pack Giveaway

* Source: Official * Views: * Date: Jun 13, 2014

Attention, EO players!

We are glad to inform you that Patch 1737  has been released, following the server maintenance on June 13th, 2014.

Highlights of Patch 1737

  1. You can now find Minna(299,401) in Cronus to claim one free glory pack! Minna will give it to you according to your character level. Just level up to get a better one!
  2. Cronus Carnival and Carnival Sale has been removed.
  3. Modified "Deity's Love" quest(June 11th - 18th) on the Abandoned Land.

We'll keep you updated!
Have fun!

Download Links:
Patch 1737: Official 1
Patch 1691-1737: Official 1