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Brand New First Credit and Monthly Bonus!

2016-01-15 04:07

Greetings, Heroes!

A brand new First Credit and Monthly Bonus is available! Just collect the Tickets, which will not get expired, and swap for amazing packs!

Duration: Nov. 25 - Long Term


Ticket Amount Gift Pack Items Inside Limitation
First 59 Tickets Glaring Fox Set  2,700 PPs

For your First Credit. Only claim ONE TIME for one character of different server.

Venus Fox or Aphrodite Fox
limited 7-Day Lingering Fever(B)
100 Tickets Moonlight Box 3,888 PPs Once per Month
Moon Box(B)
19-Star Universal XO(B) x 10
Super Beryl(B)
200 Tickets Divine Power Pack 4,250 PPs Once per Month
Super Amber(B)
25-Star Universal XO(B) x 10
Thunder Juice(B)
God Tear(B) x 10
500 Tickets Blessed Spirit Pack 5,400 PPs Once per Month
Super Citrine(B) x 2
30-Star Saint XO(B) x 10
Divine Box(B)
  1. Credit $1 earns you 1 Ticket. Collect Tickets to swap for amazing packs.

  2. Tickets will not get expired. Save them for your favorite Pack!