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January Event Preview - Happy New Year!

* Source: Official * Views: * Date: Dec 31, 2015

Happy new year! Heroes!

EO is going to enter the new year. New events and updates are also coming to Cronus city. Check out the new year events.

Online Events:

1. Allure Sale Pack (Jan. 1st - Feb. 1st)

You'll get an Allure Sale Pack when you login the game. Enjoy 98% OFF.

2. New Year Party (Jan. 8th - 12th)

Interesting quests are available in the new year party. Join in and win Lime Houppelande, Pink Berengaria, Refined Amber/Beryl/Sapphire, and more!

3. Market Madness - Hustling Merchants (Fridays and Saturdays during Jan. 15th - 30th)

An evil magic will sweep over the entire city, throwing the Market into utter chaos! This is your chance to hustle the greedy merchants and make a fortune!

4. Shopping Mall Sale (Jan. 15th - 19th)

Favorable discounts are still up to 90% off!

5. EP Drop (Jan. 22nd - 24th)

Monsters are happy in the new year, and will carry lots of EPs with them. Don't miss the opportunity to get free EPs! Have fun hunting!

Offline Events:

1. Pay $1 to Unseal Lost Kingdom Treasures (Jan.13th - Feb. 3rd)

Lost treasures are waiting for you to unseal!