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January Event Preview - Happy New Year!

2015-12-31 01:01

Happy new year! Heroes!

EO is going to enter the new year. New events and updates are also coming to Cronus city. Check out the new year events.

Online Events:

1. Allure Sale Pack (Jan. 1st - Feb. 1st)

You'll get an Allure Sale Pack when you login the game. Enjoy 98% OFF.

2. New Year Party (Jan. 8th - 12th)

Interesting quests are available in the new year party. Join in and win Lime Houppelande, Pink Berengaria, Refined Amber/Beryl/Sapphire, and more!

3. Market Madness - Hustling Merchants (Fridays and Saturdays during Jan. 15th - 30th)

An evil magic will sweep over the entire city, throwing the Market into utter chaos! This is your chance to hustle the greedy merchants and make a fortune!

4. Shopping Mall Sale (Jan. 15th - 19th)

Favorable discounts are still up to 90% off!

5. EP Drop (Jan. 22nd - 24th)

Monsters are happy in the new year, and will carry lots of EPs with them. Don't miss the opportunity to get free EPs! Have fun hunting!

Offline Events:

1. Pay $1 to Unseal Lost Kingdom Treasures (Jan.13th - Feb. 3rd)

Lost treasures are waiting for you to unseal!