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Event Preview of February - Romantic Season

* Source: Official * Views: * Date: Jan 31, 2016

It's that romantic season again. As always, EO has prepared some lovely gifts for all heroes. Check them out and don't forget to send roses to your ladies.

Online Events:

1. Dig the Gem (Feb. 5th - 9th)

Dig the gems for more amazing treasures!

2. Shopping Mall - Vanlentine's Pack (Feb. 14th - 24th)

Three romantic Valentine's Packs are available ini the shopping mall with surprising price.

3. Valentine's Quest - Limited Hairstyle (Feb. 14th - 17th)

Team up with your beloved to win the love pirzes together!

4. Cronus Calling Pack Giveaway (Feb. 17th - Mar. 3rd)

Gifts can be claimed everyday!

5. EP Drop (Feb. 10th - 12th)

Monsters will carry tons of EPs with them out. Have fun hunting!

Offline Events:

1. Valentine Lottery & Contest (Feb. 18th - Mar. 18th)

Draw Valentine Lottery and upload your favorite valentine screenshot to win splandid rewards!

2. Lucky Envelopes Giveaway & Up to 50% EP Rebates (Feb. 4th - 17th)

Free Lucky Envelopes are on the way. Just choose your favorite color. If you want more EPs, credit during the event to get up to 50% rebates.

3. Spend EPs in Shopping Mall to Win 30-Star Saint XOs(Feb. 4th - 17th)

Win up to 25x 30-Star Saint XOs.