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Event Preview of February - Romantic Season

2016-01-31 18:53

It's that romantic season again. As always, EO has prepared some lovely gifts for all heroes. Check them out and don't forget to send roses to your ladies.

Online Events:

1. Dig the Gem (Feb. 5th - 9th)

Dig the gems for more amazing treasures!

2. Shopping Mall - Vanlentine's Pack (Feb. 14th - 24th)

Three romantic Valentine's Packs are available ini the shopping mall with surprising price.

3. Valentine's Quest - Limited Hairstyle (Feb. 14th - 17th)

Team up with your beloved to win the love pirzes together!

4. Cronus Calling Pack Giveaway (Feb. 17th - Mar. 3rd)

Gifts can be claimed everyday!

5. EP Drop (Feb. 10th - 12th)

Monsters will carry tons of EPs with them out. Have fun hunting!

Offline Events:

1. Valentine Lottery & Contest (Feb. 18th - Mar. 18th)

Draw Valentine Lottery and upload your favorite valentine screenshot to win splandid rewards!

2. Lucky Envelopes Giveaway & Up to 50% EP Rebates (Feb. 4th - 17th)

Free Lucky Envelopes are on the way. Just choose your favorite color. If you want more EPs, credit during the event to get up to 50% rebates.

3. Spend EPs in Shopping Mall to Win 30-Star Saint XOs(Feb. 4th - 17th)

Win up to 25x 30-Star Saint XOs.