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March Event Preview - PP Drop & Dragon Tower

* Source: Official * Views: * Date: Feb 27, 2017

Spring is coming! Now it's time to move your body and enjoy the sunshine and breeze! Go on and check out the events we elaborately prepare for Spring!

Online Events:

1. Sign-in Reward Updated (Starts on March 1st)

Sign-in rewards will be updated on Mar. 1st, and will replace the old ones.

2. PP Drop (March 3th - 5th)

Monsters will drop PPs. Go hunting!

3. Dragon Tower (Weekends during March 4th - 26th)

Win EPs and EXP on weekends.

4. Glory Pack Giveaway (March 15th - April 30th)

Claim a free gift pack of your level!

5. Limited Weapon Soul and New Hairstyle(March 24th - April 13th)

As the 2nd generation, the flaming Weapon Soul will set your weapons on fire! The coming new hairstyle will match your spring look perfectly and will be re-wearable!