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Patch 1928 Released for PP Drop and Dragon Tower

2017-03-03 00:00

Spring is coming! Now it's time to move your body and enjoy the sunshine and breeze! Go on and check out the events we elaborately prepare for Spring!

Online Events:

1. Sign-in Reward Updated (Starts on March 1st)

Sign-in rewards will be updated on Mar. 1st, and will replace the old ones.

2. PP Drop (March 3th - 5th)

Monsters will drop PPs. Go hunting!

3. Dragon Tower (Weekends during March 4th - 26th)

Win EPs and EXP on weekends.

4. Glory Pack Giveaway (March 15th - April 30th)

Claim a free gift pack of your level!

5. Limited Weapon Soul and New Hairstyle (March 24th - April 13th)