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American Server Time Switched to PDT, Mar. 22nd

2017-03-21 00:48

Attention, EO Players!

All the American servers' time will be switched to PDT (Pacific Daylight Time, 1 hour ahead of PST) after the server maintenance Mar. 22nd. And the server maintenance for all servers will be rescheduled to 0:00 PDT, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Eudemon Online has set its clocks to accommodate for this time zone shift, and we sincerely remind you plan accordingly. Due to this unscheduled change, all time sensitive quests will be arranged one hour ahead of the current time.

Note: This server time change is only for the following servers.

  1. LA/LasVegas
  2. NewYork
  3. Toronto/Sydney
  4. Aries/Gemini
  5. Leo
  6. Arena(Server of Cross-Server PK Tournament)

Thank you for your attention!