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April Fool's Day Quests Are Coming!

2018-03-28 00:09

Any idea of Fools' day pranks? April 1st is almost here. Check out what's your mission online! The wicked Eggy Queen is waiting for you!

Rewards: Prank Pack, Prank Coin, Yellow Stone, Red Stone, Starlit Jewel, Lunar Jewel, Divine Jewel, and more!

Duration: March. 28th - April 3rd

  1. For the peace and harmony in Cronus, be ready for a fierce fight with the Eggy Queen, who's very good at casting trick spells!
  2. Collect Prank Coins and swap them for a handsome reward at Harry!
  3. Sign up for Tricky Disguise and claim disguise potions for fun tricks!
  4. Finish the mission to broadcast a silly message in Prankish Confession.

Click here for detailed walkthrough.