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Event Preview of April - PP Drop & Easter

2017-03-30 02:10

Spring is coming! Now it's time to move your body and enjoy the sunshine and breeze! Go on and check out the events we elaborately prepare for Spring!

Online Events:

1. PP Drop (Apr. 5th - 9th)

Monsters will drop PPs. Go hunting!

2. Cronus Games (Apr. 10th - 25th)

Join Cronus Games to win Cronus Medals, Red/Violet/Yellow Stone, Gold Bag, 8-Star Universal O, EXP, and more.

3. Easter Quest(Apr. 14th - 17th)

Win Celestial Robe, Divine Jewel, 19-Star Universal XO, 999 Roses, God`s Blessing (B), and more.

4. April Sale (Apr. 21st - May 11th)

Immortal Phoenix, 30-star Saint XO, Super Moon Box, Divine Box, God Tear, and more will be available in the shopping mall.