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Event Preview of April - PP Drop & Easter

* Source: Official * Views: * Date: Mar 30, 2017

Spring is coming! Now it's time to move your body and enjoy the sunshine and breeze! Go on and check out the events we elaborately prepare for Spring!

Online Events:

1. PP Drop (Apr. 5th - 9th)

Monsters will drop PPs. Go hunting!

2. Cronus Games (Apr. 10th - 25th)

Join Cronus Games to win Cronus Medals, Red/Violet/Yellow Stone, Gold Bag, 8-Star Universal O, EXP, and more.

3. Easter Quest(Apr. 14th - 17th)

Win Celestial Robe, Divine Jewel, 19-Star Universal XO, 999 Roses, God`s Blessing (B), and more.

4. April Sale (Apr. 21st - May 11th)

Immortal Phoenix, 30-star Saint XO, Super Moon Box, Divine Box, God Tear, and more will be available in the shopping mall.