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Join Labor Day Quest, Enjoy the Harvest

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It's the harvest time, but you should work hard first. Be ready to join the Labor Day Quest, have fun and enjoy the harvest!

Duration: May 10th - 24th
Rewards: Divine Jewel, Lunar Jewel, Super Citrine, 999 Red Roses, Red/Yellow/Violet Stone, Moon Blessing, and more!

Four Interesting Events

Treasure BoxesGlory FieldSam's Garden, and Hook Fishery.
Find Blue Treasure Boxes in Hook Fishery.
Find Green Treasure Boxes in Sam's Garden.
Find Purple Treasure Boxes in Glory Field.

Sweat Coins

Collect as many Sweat Coins as possible, and swap for amazing rewards from Miller(321,402)Check out the detailed information about how to earn more Sweat Coins.