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Collect 7 Dragonballs to Fulfill Your Wishes

* Source: 未知 * Views: * Date: May 12, 2017

It is said that the Ancient Dragon will appear in Cronus, if you manage to collect all 7 of the Star Dragonballs! Submit your dragonballs, and the Ancient Dragon will fulfill your wishes!

Duration: May 15th - 21st

Collect Dragonballs

The Dragonballs you gather in a day fall into the same type. You need to collect all 7 of Star Dragonballs to summon the Ancient Dragon, and get 3 wishes fulfilled. Collect more to get more wishes!

Monday(15th) 1-Star Dragonball
Tuesday(16th) 2-Star Dragonball
Wednesday(17th) 3-Star Dragonball
Thursday(18th) 4-Star Dragonball
Friday(19th) 5-Star Dragonball
Saturday(20th) 6-Star Dragonball
Sunday(21st) 7-Star Dragonball

Team Up to Go (Only 2 Members In A Team)

Teamwork is the best way to improve efficiency! If you missed a day or two, and cannot collect all 7 of Star Dragonballs, team up with one of your friends to submit the Dragonballs. The Ancient Dragon will take the balls from the leader first. The one who submits 4 dragonballs can make 2 wishes, and the other one, 1 wish.

Click here for the detailed walkthrough.