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Claim Carnival Gifts Every Single Day

2017-06-06 00:11

Greetings, Heroes of Cronus!

Starting on June 7th, all players will receive a special "Carnival Pack" in your inventory, according to your level, when you first login the game during June 7th - July 6th. Feel like claiming free PPs everyday? Login on June 7th to check out your Carnival Pack!

Just open the pack, and you'll be able to enjoy tons of gifts from the Carnival Pack everyday during the celebration! What's more, there are Premium Items only available in 30 days after you receive the pack! Be sure to claim the gifts every single day, and you'll have extra rewards.

L1-50 Carnival Pack
L51-70 Carnival Pack
L71-120 Carnival Pack
L121+ Carnival Pack

>>>>>Click here for detailed items in your Carnival Pack!