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Event Preview of August - New Weapon Soul & Dragon Tower

* Source: Official * Views: * Date: Jul 28, 2017

Summer fun continues in Cronus city. Let's check out August events. New Weapon Soul will be available, and we will try to merge NewYork and Toronto/Sydney one more time in August!

Online Events:

1. Dragon Tower(Aug. 5th - 27th)

Be a dragon hero! Challenge Dragon Tower to win EPs and EXP during the weekends.

2. Pumpkin Letters Drop (Aug. 7th - 25th)

Have fun hunting Pumpkin letters, and swap for Candy Packs with Refined Amber/Citrine/Sapphire, Red/Yellow Stone, God Tear and more inside!

3. 5x and 8x EXP Quest (Aug. 16th - Sep. 1st)

Time to boost your EXP! Go get the Moonlight Dress to get 5x or 8x EXP, and team up or use double/treble EXP potion to get even more EXP!

4. New Limited Weapon Soul - Bloom Series (Aug. 23rd - Sep. 24th)

5. Server Merge: NewYork + Toronto/Sydney (Aug. 23rd)

Events Still Available in August:

1. Summer Hits Cronus (Jul. 7th - Sep. 14th)

2. July Sale - Glory Citra (Jul. 19th - Aug. 8th)