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Event Preview of July - EP Drop & Summer Hits

* Source: Official * Views: * Date: Jun 29, 2017

This July, go hunt for EPs and Ancient Golden and Silver Boxes and Keys! And Dark City is waiting for your help.


1. Ancient Golden/Silver Box Drop (Jul. 2nd - 31st)

Monsters is going to take the Ancient Golden/Silver Boxes, and also the Ancient Golden/Silver Keys with them. Have fun hunting! Use the Key to open the right Box, and get amazing treasures!

2. Summer Hits Cronus (Jul. 7th - Sep. 14th)

Have fun collecting Sunny Coins and exchanging for rewards!

3. Siege of Dark City (Jul. 19th - 30th)

Fight for the Triumph Pack by killing the Death Legion Leader!

4. July Sale - Glory Citra (Jul. 19th - Aug. 8th)

Divine Box, Super Moon Box, and 30-star Saint XO is available again, and the Glory Citra is back for a limited period of time.

5. EP Drop (Jul. 26th - 29th)

Have fun hunting EPs.