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New Limited Weapon Soul - Bloom Series

* Source: Official * Views: * Date: Aug 23, 2017

Inspired by lingering petals and amazing butterfly, we have this Bloom Series of Weapon Soul available in the shopping mall.

Duration: Aug. 23rd - Sep. 24th

You can find Floral Spear for Shadow Knights, Magenta Staff for Mages, Rosy Necro Staff for Necromancers, Butterfly Talons for Vampire, Fuchsia Wand for Paladins, and Shocking Sword & Shiver Blade for Warriors.

Eternal Bloom Pack is for all classes. When you cannot decide which of your character needs the Weapou Soul, you can buy this pack first, and then choose the Weapon Soul later.

Floral Spear Shadow Knight 5888
Magenta Mage 5888
Rosy Necro Staff Necromancer 5888
Butterfly Talons Vampire 5888
Fuchsia Wand Paladin 5888
Shocking Sword Warrior 5888
Shiver Blade Warrior 5888
Eternal Bloom Pack ALL 5888