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Join Mount Race, Win PPs, Thunder Juice, Super Citrine and More

2017-09-07 01:56

Greetings, Excellent Mount Trainers!

The interesting Mount Race will get started on Sept. 8th! Bring your favorite 10-Star Mount and sign up at Regisrar(172,388)! Ready to win amazing rewards and show off your mounts!

Race Time:

9:00-10:00 and 19:00-20:00 (Twice a day) on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
1st Round: Sept. 8th - 10th
2nd Round: Sept. 15th - 17th
3rd Round: Sept. 22nd - 24th
4th Round: Sept. 29th - Oct. 1st


1st: Super Citrine
2nd: Thunder Juice
3rd: Moon Box
4th-5th: 270 PPs
6th-10th: Red Stone Sack (5 Red Stones inside)
Others: You may get 3-hour EXP

>>>>>Click here to check out the detailed walkthrough.