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Join Summer Adventure, Transform and Race

2017-09-17 22:09

Summer brings extreme heat, while we brings a chance to catch the wind. If you`ve reached Level 50, come and join us in the Summer Adventure!

Duration:Sept. 18th - Oct. 8th

In this summer adventure, you'll need to collect materials to make Eudemon Shape Cards, so you can transform into a Eudemon to take part in the Fancy Race! To make a Eudemon Shape Card, you need a corresponding Eudemon Spirit and a Spirit Gem.

  1. Find Eudemon Spirits in Mystery Island.
  2. Hunter monsters around Cronus to receive Spirit Gems of random quality.
  3. Submit Eudemon Shape Cards to Wizard Caman to gain Eudemon points, and get corresponding transformation ability in 'Fancy Race'.
  4. Defeat potion thieves to get back magic potions and use in Fancy Race to get better ranks.
  5. Fossil Shells you get while doing the tasks can be swapped for amazing prizes.

Click here to check out the detailed walkthrough.