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Event Preview of November - Thanksgiving

2017-10-31 00:15

This November, we're going to bring two new mounts to Eudemons world, and a Star contest will be held!

1. Dragon Tower (Nov. 4th - 5th & Nov. 11th - 12th & Nov. 18th - 19th & Nov. 25th - 26th)

Plenty of treasure is lying around the floors of the Dragon Tower. Will you be the next dragon hero? Come challenge the Dragon Tower, every weekend!

2. Credit to Win (Nov. 3rd - 15th)

Credit to win Aidos, Laird, or Skybreaker.

2. New Wolf Mounts (coming soon)

New mounts will be available in shopping mall soon!

3. Family Adventure (Nov. 15th - Jan. 31st)

Join Family Adventure and win Baby's garment!

4. Thanksgiving Event (Nov. 22nd - 25th)

Join the Thanksgiving event for delicious rewards.

5. Black Friday Bonus - PP Rebates (Nov. 24th - 27th)

Credit to get extra PPs. Credit more, and get more!