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Special Offer for Multiple Purchases for Bulk Pack!

2017-11-09 18:16

Attention, players!

Given that the demand for Bulk Pack is quite large, we are glad to announce that we're launching a brand new pricing system for the Bulk Pack now. This should make purchasing Bulk Packs more convenient and offer considerable savings for the players who want to purchase multiple Bulk Packs!

You might start wondering, what makes this "special offer" so special? Well, let's take a look at the chart below!

Original Price

$299.95 USD

1 Bulk Pack =5xTQ Point Card 59.99 USD
=27000 TQ Points
=27000 Eudemons Points

Single Order 10 Bulk Packs or above 13 Bulk Packs or above 15 Bulk Packs or above

Special Discount

10% OFF 11% OFF 12% OFF
Total Saved Up $300 USD $429 USD $540 USD

Buy more and save more! There is NOT any time limit! Do NOT miss this great offer!

If you would like to purchase through the payment methods like Openbucks , Paysafecard,etc.Normal Discount for Bulk Pack is 5% off.

How to buy with special discount:

  1. Send your valid info to purchase@netdragon.com(including real name, address, game account, mobile number and the email address for receiving codes). The offer is for purchase of at least 10 bulk packs. If your purchase is less than 10 bulk packs, please head to our payment center.
  2. Once we received your request, you will get the Purchase Order Form to fill up.
  3. Please contact purchase@netdragon.com for more information about the payment ,we now support: T/T (telegraphic transfer).
  4. Bulk Pack will be sent to your designated email after payment received