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Join EO's Family Adventure, Win Baby Gifts!

2017-11-15 00:02

To draw more attention to children's developement, EO starts a special Family Adventure season with wonderful growth rewards. Heroes who join this event with their baby can also claim a baby gift everyday!

Duration: Nov. 15th - Jan. 31st

Baby, Go, Go, Go!

Talk to Kamala to enter the Baby Arena and compete in the contest for wonderful rewards. To better understand children, all participants will be turned into babies before the contest. If you're interested, pay a visit to the Family Adventure Envoy Sandry!

Fishing Party

Fishing Party is part of this adventure. Participants are asked to catch fish in Gobi Desert. However, it's really hard to find fish in desert. Remember, the Fishing Ground will open at 20:00 - 21:00 during the event. Don't miss the chance!