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Black Friday Bonus - PP Rebates

2017-11-23 15:15

Event duration: Nov. 24th - Nov. 27th

This Black Friday, we bring you PP rebates! Credit 3 kinds of TQ Point Cards and you'll get extra PPs! Credit more, and get more!

(e.g. If you credit $15.99 Card x 2, and $59.99 Card x 1 during the event, you'll get extra 330 PPs x 2 + 1,380 PPs = 2040 PPs.)

*Be sure to leave your character name and server, by Facebook, Forum, or Email (eo@netdragon.com).

*Only the folllowing three TQ Point Cards will be calculated.

$15.99 330 PPs
$29.99 660 PPs
$59.99 1,380 PPs

PPs will be delivered in about 3 days after the event ends.