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5x/8x EXP Boost with Moonlight Dress

2017-12-05 10:19

Time to speed up levelling! Join Vampire's Rebirth to get 5x EXP Garment, and Blood Sacrifice to get 8x EXP Garment! Use Double/Treble EXP Potion or team up to get more EXP!

Duration: Dec. 6th - Dec. 22nd

5x EXP:
5x EXP is easy for you to get from the Vampire's Rebirth. Just pay attention to the timed items, and be quick! You'll get a Delicate Moonlight Dress or 5x Vampire Elite for your effort, but you can only go through the quest once a day. Don't worry if your Delicate Moonlight Dress expires. You can use the 5x Vampire Elite to activate it again!

8x EXP:
As for 8x EXP, you need to wear the Delicate Moonlight Dress or Perfect Moonlight Dress to accept the Blood Sacrifice quest.

  1. For returning players:

    1. Returning players are those who haven't logged in for 30 days, and were at least Level 50 before Dec. 6th, 2017.
    2. You can claim a Delicate Moonlight Dress for free from Johnson, to take part in the quest.
    3. If you are a team leader, your whole team can go through this quest with you. But as the leader, you can only do this quest once a day.
    4. If you are just a team member, but not the leader, you can do the quest more than once a day.

  2. For other players:

    1. You cannot do this quest on your own.
    2. You will need to join a team with a leader who is a returning player.
    3. Follow different team leaders, and you can do this quest more than once a day.

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