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The Winners of the Facebook Frostwolf Screenshot Contest

2017-12-13 00:00

Thanks for taking part in the Facebook Frostwolf Screenshot Contest.

The winners are here. Rank 1 is *LoRd|Of|Death* from server London.

Rewards will be sent within this week.

Check out if you're on the list, and claim your rewards from Lorraine(214,607).

Character Name Server Reward
*LoRd|Of|Death* London 420 EPs & 330 PPs
Hina Aries/Gemini 330 PPs
Sayadina Aries/Gemini 330 PPs
*LordShivals* Aries/Gemini 330 PPs
MR:Hex Cronus 330 PPs
SgtALAMEDA Cronus 330 PPs
Go_ma_na LA/LasVegas 330 PPs
NarviA LA/LasVegas 330 PPs
PerfectStorm Leo 330 PPs
SuperStorm Leo 330 PPs
Grimdizzle Cronus 330 PPs
HaRRyPoTTer LA/LasVegas 330 PPs
~Aaliyah~ Cronus 330 PPs
MoShKaLa Leo 330 PPs