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Special Mount Christmas Bear Akar has been released.

2017-12-25 00:22

Akar is an unusual polar bear that it`s too gentle and weak in hunting.It`s Santa Claus who discovered,it`s talent for crafting fantastic gifts and amusing people.With Akar`s company in adventure, you`ll get endless fun!

Available time: Dec. 25th - Jan. 25th

Main Attributes Initial Attributes Sub-attributes
HP GR Cap: 75 Initial HP: 188 P-Def GR Cap: 15
Min P-Atk GR Cap: 26 Initial M-Defense: 88 M-Def GR Cap: 15
Max P-Atk GR Cap: 39 Initial Defense: 88  
Min M-Atk GR Cap: 21 Initial Mininum M-Attack:88  
Max M-Atk GR Cap: 31.5 Initial Maximum M-Attack: 88  
  Initial Mininum Attack:88  
  Initial Maximum Attack:88