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Winner List of Frostwolf Star Contest

2018-01-09 15:37

Thanks for taking part in the Frostwolf Star Contest.. The winners are here. Check out if you're on the list, and claim your rewards from Lorraine(214,607) in three days.

Rank Eudemon Name Character Name Server Reward
1 Kiba ShadowStar Leo 20x1380EPs
2 pufy~wolf Gorro2 LA/LasVegas 15x1380EPs
3 ..~Xue*Lang~.. Marie~LeVeaux NewYork/Toronto 12x1380EP
4 *Frost~Bite* NecroBella Aries/Gemini 10x1380EP
5 Grey~Wind falcon012005110 London 8x1380EP
6 Sinbad RaHMa London 7x1380EP
7 *Ghost* *.Palafin.* London 6x1380EP
8 Frostwolf~Ghost samora* London 5x1380EP
9 Spitz Priscilinha1 NewYork/Toronto 4x1380EP
10 ~Zidan~Egypt Kenzy London 3x1380EP
11 BlizzarD~~ ~Silhouette~ LA/LasVegas 1x1380EP
12 Alpha~ *LordShivals* Aries/Gemini 1x1380EP
13 Ugly~Wolf21 Priscilinha1 NewYork/Toronto 1x1380EP
14 Frigid~Dark TiNA Aries/Gemini 1x1380EP
15 HellHaunt ~Shock#14Wave~ LA/LasVegas 1x1380EP
16 SWEETY ZeldaPure NewYork/Toronto 1x1380EP
17 ~ {Necro} NewYork/Toronto 1x1380EP
18 **Cinderella* zidan~egypt London 1x1380EP
19 Magic~Claw Hymn_of_Faith LA/LasVegas 1x1380EP
20 ZoroarK Necro_Lord NewYork/Toronto 1x1380EP