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Challenge Dragon Tower to win EPs and EXP

2018-03-02 01:22:00

Dragon Tower will be available to challenge again during the weekends of this month. Be a Dragon Hero and make your way to the top floor this time! Remember to login the game on weekends to win tons of EPs and EXP!

Duration: Weekends during Mar. 3rd - 25th (20:00 - 21:00)

During the event, you can speak with Abner(Cronus 300, 400) to learn more, and you can claim a Dragon Teleport Scroll and Dragon Magic Scroll from him. Use the teleport scroll, or talk to Abner to go to the Rest Area in the Dragon Tower. In the tower, you'll need to use the Dragon Magic Scroll. Each time you use it will cost you one Random Portal, so you'd better have enough Random Portals in your inventory. Talk to Sibyl(249,289) in the tower to learn about the rules.

Click here for the detailed walkthrough.