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Ancient Golden/Silver Box&Key Drop on April. 18th - May. 17th

2018-04-17 00:36:30

Have fun hunting, heroes! Monsters will drop the Ancient Golden/Silver Boxes and Golden/Silver Keys! Get the Keys to open those to fancy Boxes to get amazing rewards!

Duration: Apr 18th - May 17th

Drop Map: Cronus, Cata Fort, Misty Marsh, Gobi Desert, Lizard Hill, Saint O Lake, Life Spring, Dream Oasis, Icy Land, Lost Land, Cata Maze, Volcano, and Dark Marsh.

Open Ancient Golden Box with Golden Key, or with 199 EPs, to get one of the following items randomly.
Open Ancient Silver Box with Silver Key, or with 29 EPs, to get one of the following items randomly.

Ancient Golden Box
Ancient Silver Box
30-Star Saint XO
God Tear
Universal XO Sack
Divine EXP
Romance Robe
Lucky Crystal
Eden Tale(Female)
19-Star Universal XO
999 Pink Roses
+3 Talisman Pack
270 PPs
54 PPs