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June Events Preview - New Sale & Quest

2018-05-29 14:00

Greeting, heroes!

New events and updates will coming to Cronus city. Check out the June events.

1. Cronus Carnival (June .1st - June. 8th)

Fredrick in Cronus will guide you to find treasures.


2. Pegasus Pumpkin Carriage & Florid Kylin Sale (June. 1st - June. 28th)

Pegasus Pumpkin Carriage & Florid Kylin back to sale. It is limited, so don't miss them!


3. Mount Race ( June. 8th - July. 1st)

The Mount Race will back again! Come to join our event with your 10-star mount and win incredible reward!


4. Dragon Boat Festival Quests (June. 16th - 18th)

Finish the quests and celebrate one of the most significant festivals in China together!


5. Alpaca Mount Sale (June 15th.)

The most adorable and interesting mount is coming! Pick the one you like and bring it back home!

Coming Soon......