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Come to join Cronus Carnival on June 1st

2018-05-30 14:37:35

Attention, Heroes of Cronus!

Cronus 12th Anniversary Carnival comes! Collect as many Carnival Coins as you can to swap for prizes!

Duration: June .1st - June. 8th


Talk to Fredrick to learn about Cronus Carnival.

Treasure Maze: During 19:00-19:50, lots of treasure boxes will show up in a random place in the maze every 5 minutes. Rush to the required position to get the boxes as soon as possible.


Demon Treasure: Fortune Packs are full of Gold. Spend Gold to buy different Seal Gems from Anthony, and summon the demons from the gems to defeat them!


Mount Race: Join the Mount Race on Royal Racecourse to win gems and tons of Carnival Coins. There are two rounds of Mount Race during the celebration: 15:00-16:00 & 18:00-19:00. Fredrick will teleport you to the Royal Racecourse 20 minutes before the race starts.


Glory Colosseo: Matches between heroes and beasts will be held for 6 rounds during 21:00-22:00. You can use the Carnival Coins to bet on the matches or even prove your strength on the ground! Great place to boost your Carnival Coins.


Click here to learn the detailed walkthrough of Cronus Carnival.