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Join Festival Quest - Win FREE Garden Permit

2018-06-13 15:12:58

Attention, Heroes!

Dragon Boat Festival comes! Come to join quest and win FREE Garden Permits!

Duration: June .16th - June. 18th


Talk to Nate (Cronus, 345,394) know about Dragon Boat Festival Quest.

Ancient Poems: Collect the poems and record them in this Poet's Book, Virgo will reward you some Sachets to exchange gifts.


Blessing Lantern:  Write your blessing on lantern and float it in the blessing lake, you will receive a Sachet as a reward. If your lantern is sent at a certain number, you also have chance to get Dragon Boat Zongzi(B).


Water Monster: Deliver the strong drinks which can get from monsters to Abbott during 20:00-22:00. Kill the Water Monster when it appears and you can get plenty of gems and Dragon Boat Zongzi(B).


Labyrinth Under the Lake: Between 13:30-23:20, the Racing Lake will open each half hour. Use Dragon Stick to become a dragon to enter the labyrinth. The fastest one who pass through the labyrinth under the Racing Lake can claim rewards. Except that, you can also enter Joyful Lake for fun.


Nate's Shop: During the event, a new batch of gifts will be available at 21:00 in Nate’s shop, each day. You can exchange gifts with Sachets. It begins to sell DragonBoat Zongzi(B) now and when you use it, you have chance to get Garden Permit(B), Broken Garden Permit(B) or many incredible reward!


Click here to learn the detailed walkthrough of Dragon Boat Festival Quest.