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Forestwalker Quest & Contest

2018-10-09 16:31:26

Hello heroes!


Forestwalker Eudemons Quest will be updated soon! From Oct. 10th to Oct. 16th, participating in related quests and collecting enough bamboo, you can get this strong and lovely panda! What's more, composing Forestwalk and increase its star rank, you can get wonderful reward!

Talk to Monarch Queen Helly and know more about this event. There are three quests in this event, Shrine of Honor, Eight Side War and Knight Battlefield. You can team up with your friends and fight monsters together!


Duration: Oct. 10th to Oct. 16th

NPC: Monarch Queen Helly (Cronus 345,378)


In the same time, there will be a Forestwalker Contest for all server from Oct. 10th to Nov 9th. Enhancing your Forestwalker Grading and if you are the top 15 in all servers (Not each server) at the end, you can win tons of EPs!



Click here to learn the detailed walkthrough of Quest.

Click here to check your Forestwalker star rank.