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Who is The Best Ghost - Halloween Carnival

2018-10-25 17:39:31

Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween to all Cronus heroes. The Halloween Carnival will arrive on Oct. 26th. Let's check the detail together!


Duration: Oct. 26th  - Nov. 4th


Talk to Halloween Envoy Menga (Cronus, 344,394) and know about Halloween Quest .

Ghost Ball Throws: Collect balls in Cronus and throw them to people and you will get reward box!


The Netherworld: Fight monsters and level up Tia. Make her senior exorcist and get reward during this adventure.


Pumpkin Head Making: From Oct. 26th to Oct. 30th, making Pumpkin head with Jack. Wear it and show off in Cronus. Hope you have the biggest head then!


Spooky Parade: Vote for your favorite ghost and get reward during parade.


Click here to learn the detailed walkthrough of Halloween Quest.