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Unbelievable Price - Black Friday Sale

2018-11-14 17:33:14

Hello, all heroes!


Black Friday is coming soon. We have prepared a wonderful sale for you. There are two waves of sale. The first one is from Nov. 16th to Nov.22nd and the second one is from Nov.23rd to Nov. 25th.

This sale has the largest discount and the most varieties in history. You can buy not only items, but also garments and pets. More importantly, they are all in low price. Don't miss this annual Black Friday Sale, or you must be regret about that!


The first Wave: Nov. 16th - Nov.22nd

Name Sale (EP)
6* Universal O 15
8* Universal O 18
12* Universal XO 20
19* Universal XO 25
25* Universal XO 30
L1 Divine Panacea 25
L2 Divine Panacea 50
L3 Divine Panacea 80
L4 Divine Panacea 130
L5 Divine Panacea 250
Reborn Crystal 3
Super Reborn Crystal 10
30-star SaintXO 80
Eudemon Growth Pack (Universal Essence *10+Special EXP Ball *10) 250
Eudemon Develop Pack (Divine Panacea Essence *10+Special EXP Ball *10) 350
Goddess Growth Pack (P5 Gift EXP Stone *10+Energy Ball *5) 70
Goddess Develop Pack (P6 Gift EXP Stone *10+Energy Ball *10) 800
20% Off Presale Garment Coupon 588
20% Off Presale Pet Coupon 288
Delicate Moonlight Dress Pack 35
Perfect Moonlight Dress Pack 85


The Second Wave: Nov.23rd - Nov. 25th

Name Original Price (EP) Sale (EP)
God Tear 136 99
10 Times Oracle Stone 290 99
25 Times Oracle Stone 725 299
P8 Necro Crystal 400 199
P8 Necro Book 5520 1,999
Super Moon Box 8,280 4,140
Divine Box 8,700 4,350
Expanded Scroll 135 65
Super Citrine 1680 1450
Super Beryl 1680 1150
Super Amber 2490 550


Besides these items, there are also three garments and three lovely pets are waiting for you. They also have surprised discount!

During event period, you can buy garment or unlock pet with 30% off for first time, 50% off for second item and 70% off for the third time. If you have 20% off coupon which you can get from first wave of sale, you will have addtional 20% off for your first item! (Garment and pet are separate. Check chart below for the detailed price.)

Name Sale (EP) First time (If you have coupon) Second time Third time
FallenCity Love Pack 5888 4122(3297) 2944 1766
Lingering Fever Pack
Secret Love Pack
PanPan 2888 2022(1617) 1444 866

*Each garment or pet can only get once.

*You can choose either of two genders when you open garment pack. 


Let's have a look what kind of garment or pet you can get!(Garment pack doesn't include hairstyle,etc.)

Lingering Fever Pack

Secret Love Pack

FallenCity Love Pack