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Christmas Warm-up - Treasure in Huaguo Mountain

2018-12-12 18:07:29

Hello heroes,

After fighting for the demon, Monkey King returned to his hometown, Huaguo Mountain.
According to legend, Huaguo Mountain has a lot of flowers and fruits, and there are many treasures, but no one can find the entrance. Now that Christmas is approaching, in order to make Huaguo Mountain more lively, Monkey King will open Huaguo Mountain to the adventurers!
During the period from December 13th to December 19th, all the adventurers who entered the Huaguo Mountain have the opportunity to get the Christmas gifts that the little monkeys have buried for everyone! You can not only get tons of reward, but also get items related to Monkey King event and Christmas quest. If you are interested in this, go to find Garnier (344, 388) in Cronus City to find out more!


Duration: Dec. 13th – Dec. 19th


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