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Monkey King is Back - King Wukong Compose Plan

2018-12-19 13:10:41

Hello heroes!


Monkey King event will be updated soon! From Dec. 20th, 2018 to Jan. 25th, 2019, heroes can participate in King Wukong Compose Plan through Monkey King Minister(Cronus 345,378).

You can use Star Drop to exchange or steal Holy Peach in Huaguo Mountain. Then, hand in Holy Peach to King Wukong and get Monkey King Pack. Besides that, if your compose your Monkey King and make it into Star Ranking list, you can get amazing reward. Go to find Minister if you have interests in it!


Duration: Dec. 20th, 2018 to Jan. 25th, 2019

NPC: Monkey King Minister (Cronus 345,378)



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