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Merry Christmas - Christmas Quest

2018-12-20 16:41:45

Hello heroes,


Merry Christmas guys! The second wave of Christmas quest is coming. During Dec. 20th – Dec. 25th , find Hip Hop Chris (Cronus, 344,394) and participate in Christmas quest. You can get Christmas coins to exchange gift! You also have chance to win EP with your friends! Don`t miss it!

Duration: Dec. 20th – Dec. 25th


Talk to Hip Hop Chris (Cronus, 344,394) and know about Christmas Quest .

Hip Hop Christmas Tree: Stand under Christmas Tree, you and your Euedmons can get tons of EXP. You can also pick up present on time. Don`t miss it!


Huaguo Mountain Battle: Huaguo Mountain is in danger during Christmas! Go to help with killing boss and sell the capture from it. You will get EP profit from it!


Naughty Snowman: Help Santa Claus to find Naughy Snowman and you can get Hip Hop set. You also have chance to enter Snow House and win reward!


Snowball Fighting: Throw Snowball to other players and you can win Christmas Coin!



Click here to learn the detailed walkthrough of warm-up of Christmas.