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New Babel - War Oblivion & Chaos Oblivion

2018-12-21 17:06:33


We believe many of you have found there was a monkey called Anti-destiny Monkey showing up on Cronus yesterday. It said that he had built a path between the War Oblivion and Cronus. Heroes now can use Anti-destiny Fruit to enter War Oblivion to fight against the evils and get a higher level Anti-destiny Fruit. Sell them and you can get tons of EPs. If you can get Monkey Hair through it, you can even enter Chaos Oblivion and find the fake Monkey King! If you are interested in it, don`t miss it!

Starting Date: December 20th

NPC: Anti-destiny Monkey (Cronus 309,521)


>>>>>Click here to check out the detailed walkthrough.