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Try Your Luck - Christmas Lottery

2018-12-24 16:05:51


Here comes the Christmas Lottery! How can you celebrate Christmas Day without nice garment? From Dec.24,2018 to Jan.1,2019, you can go to play Christmas Lottery and win gorgeous items!


You can enter Lottery from icon under the mini map.

Then open box in the middle. 588 EPs each time.


Let take a look what can you get from lottery(Just take some example. You can check all items in lottery interface):

Alice’s Dream


Snowy Xmas Robe


Santa Claus Suit


Besides many new garments, there is also new Halter - Halter·Aurora Deer. And you also have chance to get pet card Bambi. Don`t you think they are cute?

Halter·Aurora Deer




The most valuable item in this lottery must be this weapon soul – Eternal Wing. It is the biggest and most amazing in history. What’s more, it is also the first weapon soul which can change the appearance of some skill. It is super rare, so if you can get it, people must feel jealous!


There are also many items , like firework, EPs Card, hairstyle, waiting for you to explore. Go to try you luck!