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Facebook Admins Recruitment!

2018-12-26 10:14:26

We want you! If you love Eudemons Online, if you are active on Facebook, if you are warm-hearted and enthusiastic, you have chance to be our official Facebook Admin. We have been currently hiring EO Admins for FB platform to help EO players and promote the game. If you are interested, please read the following information very carefully. Don’t worry about the rewards, it is big!!! The Admin job will officially start From Jan. 1st 2019, which means the recruitment will end before that. Hurry up!

I. Requirements:
1.Love Eudemons Online, familiar with the game, own at least one account that is above level 120.
2.Familiar with Facebook platform.
3.Have certain language organization ability and barrier-free English communication ability.
4.Have at least 20 hours per week to be active on Facebook.

II. Recruitment method:
1. Send an email to
2. The following information should be included in the email
Your Fb name and FB link(So we can find you on FB easily)
Estimated active hours on the platform(Per week)
Your in game character name and server
3. Our official staff will check each email and choose out the qualified admins and announce it on official Facebook
4. We currently need 5 admins for Facebook.

III. Job content

  1. Post EO website news into Fb official group; Answer players message timely(within 24 hours);Helping to develop a bigger group
  2. Make game-related materials such as pictures, videos, post them in FB official group and other communities after the confirmation by EO staff.
  3. Help the potential new players, guide them to register, download client and enter the game.
  4. Help players if they need guidance with difficult quests.
  5. Collecting bugs, suggestions players submit, and write them in word text with good format and forward it to once per week(called it Weekly report)
  6. Recommend new community with potential players to EO staff.

IV. Satisfaction questionnaire

1. EO staff will make the questionnaire link every Monday for every admin and invite players to do the questionnaire.
2. Each player should leave their character name and server name when answering the questionnaire.
3. Each admin should collect at least 30 questionnaire result, the questionnaire link will last for 3 days.
4. EO staff will be issuing a questionnaire of lucky 7s. Every participant who is the "7th" player (i.e. 7,17,27) will be rewarded 540ep each week. Only 20 players a week can win.


V. Admin Evaluation Method

Evaluation content Point

The max points you can get

Each Active day 4 20

Each post that gains 30 likes or comments

5 25

Each Weekly Report you submit

15 15

Each original game-related picture you make and post

6 30

Each original game related video you send

20 20

Satisfication Questionnaireresult

Average Score X 2 10
Each complaint you get -2  
New community you find 5  
Total   125


1.(1).Weekly report has to include the bugs and suggestions players report, as well as what you have done in the past week.

   (2). As for complaints, we will confirm if it is reasonable complaint or not.

2. Admins will be evaluated every week
3. EO staff will done evaluating admins and send out rewards before each Friday

VI. Rewards(Weekly Reward)

  1. Standard rewards: 10800 EPs each week for the admins who get 100 points,
  2. (10800 EPs X 0.8 )EPs for admins who get 80-99 points
  3. No rewards for admins who get less than 80 points
  4. (10800 EPs X1.5 )EPs for admins who get 110-117points
  5. (10800 EPs X2 )EPs for admins who get 118 or higher points

VII. Quitting mechanism

  1. Admins who wants to quit out for personal reason, please email
  2. Admins who get less than 80 points for 3 consecutive weeks will be disqualified.
  3. Admins who get less than 3 points in satisfaction questionnaire for 2 consecutive weeks will be disqualified.